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IPJ hosts a regularly updated data base of American Indian related Ph.D. from 2006 � the present. The dissertation coverage includes all languages and is international in scope as far as Dissertation Abstracts covers. This includes most European universities, South African universities, and a few in the Far East. They do not cover all the universities in the world, but do a pretty good job covering first world universities. There is no coverage of Latin American universities' dissertations. The data base is updated in each Winter and Summer issue of IPJ, and sometimes between issues. Since ProQuest, the proviser of the lists of dissertations from which Jonathan and Jay find Indigenous dissertations, no longer goes by months/years there will be titles from various years added in the updates.
The majority of this list has been compiled by:
Jonathon Erlen, Ph.D., History of Medicine Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh ([email protected])
and Jay Toth, M.A., Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Freedonia ([email protected]).

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Embodied landscapes: Native Americans, English colonists, and the creation of early American communities Abstract
Sellers, Jason Roberts
Dept. of History, University of California, Irvine
Ancient Maya ritual cave use in the Sibun Valley, Belize Abstract
Peterson, Polly Ann
Department of Archaeology, Boston University
Heterogeneity, identity, and complexity: Negotiating status and authority in Terminal Formative coastal Oaxaca Abstract
Barber, Sarah Barr
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder
The language of the Apinaje people of Central Brazil Abstract
de Oliveira, Christiane Cunha
Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon
Word and artifact: A study of cultural affiliation Abstract
Gaff, Donald H.
Dept. of Anthropology, Michigan State University
Creating culturally meaningful learning environments: Teacher actions to engage Aboriginal students in learning Abstract
Goulet, Linda May
Faculty of Education, The University of Regina (Canada)
The emergence and decline of the Delaware Indian nation in western Pennsylvania and the Ohio country, 1730--1795 Abstract
Grimes, Richard S.
Department of History, West Virginia University
Evolution of a dream: The emergence of Mayan ethnomathematics and expressions of indigenous ways of knowing at a Mayan autonomous school in Chiapas, Mexico Abstract
Hirsch-Dubin, Phoebe
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara
Stress and female reproduction in a rural Mayan population (Guatemala) Abstract
Nepomnaschy, Pablo A.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Michigan
In the aftermath of migration: Assessing the social consequences of late 13th and 14th century population movements into southeastern Arizona Abstract
Neuzil, Anna Astrid
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Courting colonialism? The juridical construction and political aftermath of Metis rights in R. v. Powley Abstract
Andersen, Christian
Dept. of Sociology, University of Alberta
Etude archeologique de la production artisanale au site Huacas de Moche, cote nord du Perou (French text) Abstract

Aboriginal archery and European firearms on the Northern Great Plains and in the Central Subarctic: Survival and adaptation, 1670--1870 Abstract
Bohr, Roland
Dept. of History, University of Manitoba
The genetic prehistory of eastern North America: Evidence from ancient and modern DNA Abstract
Bolnick, Deborah Ann
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Davis
'Faith' in social change: Three case studies from American social movement history, 1890--1940 (W. E. B. Du Bois) Abstract
Brunner, Marta L.
Department of the History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz
Accountability in a contemporary First Nation context: A blending of forms Abstract
Cosco, Gina
epartment of Accounting and Management Information Systems, University of Alberta
Identity, self-sufficiency and well-being: The values of beaver and geese to the Moose Cree First Nation Abstract
Davis, Caroline Elizabeth
Dept. of Human Ecology, University of Alberta
Rediscovering Huamalgua, the island of fogs: Archaeological and ethnohistorical investigations of Isla Cedros, Baja California Abstract
Des Lauriers, Matthew Richard
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside
Evangelical religion and social instability in Southern Highland Peru Abstract
Ferguson, Michael
Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan
Mapping the textual terrain: Land, law and gender in American Indian women's writing Abstract
Fitzgerald, Stephanie
Dept. of English, The Claremont Graduate University
Power, policies, and politics: Women's involvement in Dene games in the Northwest Territories Abstract
Giles, Audrey Rhiannon
Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta
The journey of Aboriginal healthcare workers Abstract
Heilbron, Carrie Lynn
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Nihiyaw Awasak: Validation of Cree literacies. An ethnographic study of children at home, at school, and in the community Abstract
Laderoute, Barbara
Dept. of Elementary Education, University of Alberta
Marine shell as medium in Amerindian Aruba Abstract
Linville, Marlene S.
Dept. of Anthropology, City University of New York
Shifting allegiances at La Milpa, Belize: A typological, chronological, and formal analysis of the ceramics Abstract
Sagebiel, Kerry Lynn
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Decolonizing the American Empire: Native American literatures of resistance and presence Abstract
Sheffield, Carrie Louise
Department of English, Purdue University
Ancient DNA and the biological history and prehistory of Northeastern North America Abstract
Shook, Beth Alison Schultz
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Davis
'Spirit guides me': An exploration into neoshamanism in Northern California Abstract
Sutler-Cohen, Sara C.
Dept. of Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz
A population in transition: Health, culture change, and intestinal parasitism among the Tsimane' of lowland Bolivia Abstract
Tanner, Susan N.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Michigan
An exploration of the transmission of historical trauma in urban Native Americans Abstract
Walker, Kimberly
School of Professional Psychology, Allian International University, San Francisco Bay
The Canton Asylum: Indians, psychiatrists, and government policy, 1899--1934 (South Dakota) Abstract
Leahy, Todd E.
History of Medicine and Health Care, Oklahoma State University
Second skins: Semiotic readings in taxidermic reconstruction Abstract
Wakeham, Pauline
Department of English and Film Studies, University of Alberta
Socio-cultural development and identity formation of Metis communities in northwestern Saskatchewan, 1776-1907 Abstract
Macdougall, Brenda
Native Studies, The University of Saskatchewan (CANADA)
Exploring Cree narrative memory Abstract
McLeod, Neal Garnet
Indigenous studies, University of Regina
Sioux and White relations Abstract
Holmgren, Philip S.
Dept. of History, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Perceptions of leadership expectations on the Blackfeet Reservation (Montana) Abstract
Johnson, Lester III R.
College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Montana
Text and image in classic Maya sculpture: A.D. 600--900 Abstract
Burdick, Catherine E.
Dept. of Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago
American Indian college success at a mainstream university: Facilitators and barriers to academic attainment Abstract
Fleming, Scott D.
College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University
The dualities of endurance: A collaborative historical archaeology of ethnogenesis at Brothertown, 1780--1910 Abstract
Cipolla, Craig N.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Excavations at Yuthu A community study of an early village in Cusco, Peru (400-100 BC) Abstract
Davis, Allison Renee
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Michigan
The archaeology of farmscapes: Production, place, and the materiality of landscape at Xaltocan, Mexico Abstract
Morehart, Christopher T.
Dept. of Anthropology, Northwestern University
Rooted in Movement: Spatial Practices and Community Persistence in Native Southwestern New England Abstract
Reiser, Christine N.
Dept. of Anthropology, Brown University
Local Food Production and Community Illness Narratives: Responses to Environmental Contamination and Health Studies in the Mohawk Community of Akwesasne Abstract
Hoover, Elizabeth
Dept. of Anthropology, Brown University
Aboriginal and colonial geographies of the File Hills farm colony Abstract
Bednasek, C. Drew
Department of Geography, Queen's University
An American spectacle: College mascots and the performance of tradition Abstract
Guiliano, Jennifer Elizabeth
Dept. of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Indian carried Christianity: Wampanoag Christianity on Martha's Vineyard, 1643--1690 Abstract
Mulholland, Kenneth R.
Dept. of History, University of Utah
A qualitative study of the impact Oneida language learning has on the preservation of Oneida culture Abstract
House, Toni M.
School of Human Services, Capella University
Cardiometabolic risk and risk perception among Oklahoma American Indian women with previous gestational diabetes Abstract
Jones, Emily Jean
Dept. of Nursing, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Creek diplomacy in an imperial Atlantic world Abstract
Parmelee, Deena L.
Department of History, University of New Hampshire
Segmented and ascendant chiefdom polity as viewed from the Divers site Abstract
Freimuth, Glen Alois
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
From alcoholism to sobriety: Four Native American women from a Plains Indian Reservation Abstract
Ridgely, Blanche
Curriculum & Instruction, University of Wyoming
Ritual and architecture in the Titicaca Basin: The development of the sunken court complex in the formative period Abstract
Cohen, Amanda Beth
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
An articulation of the standpoint of peer support workers to inform childbearing program supports in Manitoba First Nation communities: institutional ethnography as de- colonizing methodology Abstract
Eni, Rachel
Faculty of Medecine (Community Health Science), University of Manitoba
Connectedness and health for First Nation adoptees Abstract
Carriere, Jeannine
Dept. of Human Ecology, University of Alberta
To the centre of the circle: Pilgrimage to Lac Ste-Anne (Alberta) Abstract
Anderson-McLean, Maire Kathleen
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Alberta
Health and settlement implications of parasites from Pacific Northwest coast archaeological sites (British Columbia) Abstract
Bathurst, Rhonda R.
Dept. of Anthropology, McMaster University
Where the waters divide: Environmental justice, neoliberalism, and Aboriginal voices. An ethnography of the changing Canadian water sector Abstract
Mascarenhas, Michael
Dept. of Sociology, Michigan State University
Reconstructing the cause and origin of structural fires in the archaeological record of the Greater Southwest (Mexico, New Mexico) Abstract
Lally, James R.
Department of Anthropology, The University of New Mexico
The Indian character piece for solo piano (ca. 1890-1920): A historical review of composers and their works Abstract
Bruning, Stephanie
Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati
'You find yourself in there': Hybridity, transposition and translation in White Mountain Apache discourse (Arizona) Abstract
Nevins, Marybeth Eleanor
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Household economies:The role of animals in a Historic period chiefdom on the California coast Abstract
Noah, Anna Christine
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
First Nations leadership development within a Saskatchewan context Abstract
Ottmann, Jacqueline
Dept. of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan
Delocalized knowledges: Conceptualizing problem gambling in a Native American reservation community Abstract
Penickova, Daniela Anezka
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Oregon
An evaluation of the American Indian Air Quality Training Program Abstract
Quartaroli, MaryLynn
Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction, Northern Arizona University
Gender balance and cultural renewal in Oyate/Sioux Literature Abstract
Ragaini, Cecilia
English Department, University of South Dakota
Constructing two cultural realities: Newspaper coverage of two American Indian protest events Abstract
Richardson, Mavis Ione
School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota
Native American strategies for student success in postsecondary education Abstract
Roettele-Bickel, Gail M.
College of Education, University of South Dakota
Indian warriors and pioneer mothers: American identity and the closing of the frontier in public monuments 1890-1930 Abstract
Scolari, Paul
Department of History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh
Maintenance and change of 18th-century mission Indian identity:A multi-ethnic contact situation (Florida, Spain) Abstract
Waters, Gifford J.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Florida
Cayuga Iroquois households and gender relations during the Contact period: An investigation of the Rogers Farm site, 1660s--1680s (New York) Abstract
Williams-Shuker, Kimberly Louise
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh
Non-ordinary experiences of ordinary women: Initiation and individuation on the medicine path Abstract
Oxford, Tamara
Dept. of Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute
The economy of war: Violence, religion, and the Wabanaki Indians in the Maine borderlands Abstract
Bilodeau, Christopher John
Dept. of History, Cornell University
'Whence came the American Indians?': American anthropologists and the origins question, 1880--1935 Abstract
Burba, Juliet Marie
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota
Immigration, the American West, and the twentieth century: German from Russia, Omaha Indian, and Vietnamese-urban villagers in Lincoln, Nebraska Abstract
Kinbacher, Kurt E.
Dept. of History, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Women elders' life stories of the Omaha tribe: Macy, Nebraska (Eleanor Baxter, Alice Saunsoci, Hawate/Wenona Caremony) Abstract
Summers, Wynne L.
Dept. of English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Perceptions of justice: Undergraduate degree persistence of African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans at the University of Nevada, Reno, 1994--2002 Abstract
Bermudez, Yvonne M.
Department of Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno
Rebuilding the longhouse: Obstacles to and opportunities for settling the Cayuga Indian Nation land claim through negotiation (New York) Abstract
Blancke, Brian Booth
Dept. of Anthropology, Syracuse University
Primitive echoes: The capturing and conjuring of Native American music Abstract
Geyer, Christopher R.
Ethnomusicology Institute, Indiana University
Pathogenic emotions: Sentiment, sociality, and sickness among the Tzotzil Maya of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico Abstract
Groark, Kevin Patrick
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
Occupation and displacement in the Old Northwest: The role of three technologies Abstract
Gutierrez, Gustavo A.
Dept. of History, Iowa State University
Common law aboriginal knowledge protection rights: Recognizing the rights of aboriginal peoples in Canada to prohibit the use and dissemination of elements of their knowledge Abstract
Halewood, Michael
School of Law, York University (Canada)
Identity, territory and place: Insights from the Warm Springs Reservation (Oregon) Abstract
Knox, Margaret Ann
Dept. of Geography, University of Oregon
Relational dimensions of intercultural communication for public dialogue and decision-making: A case study of modern day treaty negotiation in British Columbia Abstract
LaFever, Marcella Anne
Department of Communications & Journalism, University of New Mexico
Reclaiming cultural sovereignty: Tribal environmental programs at Cahuilla and Twenty-Nine Palms (California) Abstract
Madrigal, Anthony Louis
Dept. of History, University of California, Riverside
Les nouveaux Indiens: Identification aux Indiens d'Amerique du Nord et actualisations de l'indianite a travers le mouvement indianophile. Mythe, loisir, utopie, mises en spectacles et ingenierie culturelle Abstract
Maligne, Olivier
Ethnologie et Anthropologie Sociale,
Maternal gambling, parenting in the home environment, and child outcomes in Native American families Abstract
Momper, Sandra
School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh
Piecuch, James R.
Dept. of History, William and Mary College
Acting to learn: The place of performance in university retention for African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos Abstract
Piper Price, Linda
Native American Studies, University of New Mexico
Music in urban La Paz, Bolivian nationalism, and the early history of cosmopolitan Andean music: 1936--1970 Abstract
Rios, Fernando Emilio
School of Music, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Metaphysics and materiality: Landscape painting and the art of Kay WalkingStick Abstract
Seppi, Lisa Ann
School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Narrating Black Hawk: Indian wars, memory, and Midwestern identity Abstract
Sherfy, Michael J.
Dept. of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Native American images as sports team mascots: From Chief Wahoo to Chief Illiniwek Abstract
Taylor, Michael
Dept. of Anthropology, Syracuse University
Between plaza and palisade: Household and community organization at early Moundville (Alabama) Abstract
Wilson, Gregory D.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
'Women don't talk': Gender and codemixing in an evangelical Tzotzil village (Mexico) Abstract
Baron, Akesha L.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Washington
By their very presence: Rethinking research and partnering for change with artists and educators from Long Island's Shinnecock Nation (New York) Abstract
Caracciolo, Diane M.
Teacher's College, Columbia University
A course on indigenous church principles for Native American leaders in the north-central region of the United States Abstract
Davis, John Rue
Pentecostal Leadership, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
The emergence of Jicarilla Apache enclave economy during the 19th century in northern New Mexico Abstract
Eiselt, Bernice Sunday
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Michigan
Transitivity in Arapaho: A construction grammar approach Abstract
Francis, Hartwell S.
Dept. of Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder
An ethnographic account of language documentation among the Kurripako of Venezuela Abstract
Granadillo, Tania
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Food and authority in the English Atlantic world, 1570-1640 Abstract
LaCombe, Michael
Dept. of History, New York University
Zooarchaeology and chronology of Homol'ovi I and other Pueblo IV period sites in the central Little Colorado River valley, northern Arizona Abstract
LaMotta, Vincent Michael
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Community reorganization in the southern zone of the Casas Grandes culture area of Chihuahua, Mexico Abstract
Larkin, Karin Burd
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder
An examination of selected piano works by Francisco Mignone, Lorenzo Fernandez and Marlos Nobre using the corresponding Brazilian dances as a guide to their performance Abstract
Machado, Simone Gorete
College of Fine Arts, University of Arizona
Power, production and practice: Technological change in the Late Classic ceramics of Piedras Negras, Guatemala Abstract
Munoz, Arturo Rene
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
An archaeological survey of the Onavas Valley, Sonora, Mexico: A landscape of interactions during the late Prehispanic period Abstract
Murrieta, Emiliano Gallaga
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Understanding an indigenous curriculum in Louisiana through listening to Houma oral histories Abstract
Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas A.
College of Education, Louisiana State University
Filling scripts: A multi-sited ethnography of pharmaceutical sales practices, psychiatric prescribing, and phamily life in North America Abstract
Oldani, Michael James
Dept. of Anthropology, Princeton University
Dealing with ecological variability and change: Perspectives from the Denesoline and Gwich'in of northern Canada Abstract
Parlee, Brenda L.
Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba
Indians, environment, and identity on the borders of American literature Abstract
Smith, Lindsey Claire
School of the Arts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Shaping stones, shaping pueblos: Architecture and site layout in Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico, A.D. 1150 to 1600 Abstract
Van Zandt, Tineke Renee
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Michigan
Exploring the concepts of sovereignty and belonging among the Bad River Chippewa (Wisconsin) Abstract
Wabindato, Elizabeth Arbuckle
School of Public Policy, University of Michigan
Witchcraft, statecraft, and the challenge of 'community' in central New Guinea Abstract
Wesch, Michael Lee
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Virginia
Depression, discrimination, trauma, and American Indian ethnic identity Abstract
Byers, Lisa G.
School of Social Work, Washington University
The California Indian Basketweavers Association:A Native agency for change and cultural continuity Abstract
Cardozo, Catherine Louise
Native American Studies, University of California, Davis
Geographic variation in Native American anthropometrics: A spatial analysis of the Boas and Gifford datasets Abstract
Dillingham, Paul Christopher
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Tennessee
Forgotten students: American Indian high school student narratives on college access Abstract
Fann, Amy J.
School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
The power to define: A history of the Tom Longboat Awards, 1951--2001 Abstract
Forsyth, Janice Margaret
Dept. of Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario
Linguistic archaeology: Prehistoric population movements and cultural identity in the southwest Great Basin and far southern Sierra Nevada (California) Abstract
Gold, Alan Philip
Plant Sciences Dept., University of California, Davis
Engagement, classroom environment, academic outcomes, and American Indian middle school students Abstract
Guiling, Shawn Forrest
Psychology Dept., University of Missouri, Columbia
Narrated portraits: The lived experience of Native women in academia Abstract
Jaime, Angela M.
College of Education, Purdue University
The Covenant Chain of peace: Metaphor and religious thought in seventeenth century Haudenosaunee Council oratory Abstract
Johnston, Louise
Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University
The ecological and social dynamics of Inuit narwhal foraging at Pond Inlet, Nunavut Abstract
Lee, David S.
Dept. of Geography, McGill University
James Bay Cree students and higher education: Issues of identity and culture shock (Quebec) Abstract
Stonebanks, Christopher Darius
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, McGill University
A season on the Kaw: The role of sport in the lives of American Indian women Abstract
Van Mullem, Heather I. D.
Dept. of ealth, Sport, and Exercise Sciences, University of Kansas
Self-employment on Indian reserves Abstract
Wilk, Piotr
Dept. of Sociology, University of Western Ontario
Inviting American Indian arts curriculum into a school: The short life and long term effects of an arts program Abstract
Bequette, James W.
School of Education, Stanford University
Production, exchange, and social identity: A study of Chupadero black-on-white pottery (New Mexico) Abstract
Clark, Tiffany C.
School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University
Logboats of the southeastern United States: Investigating the question of form (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia) Abstract
Curci, Jessica Lee
Dept. of Anthropology, East Carolina University
El senador, Dennis Chavez: New Mexico native son, American senior statesman, 1888--1962 Abstract
Diaz, Rosemary T.
Dept. of History, Arizona State University
Agency interactions specific to Arizona American Indian students in higher education Abstract
Drake, Tonya M.
Policy Leadership & Curriculum Program, Arizona State University
The social landscape of depopulation: The northern San Juan, A.D. 1150--1300 Abstract
Glowacki, Donna M.
Dept. of Anthropology, Arizona State University
A heuristic inquiry of three Navajo women in educational Leadership Abstract
Holiday, Jacqueline
Dept. of Education, Arizona State University
Counselling First Nations: Experiences of how Aboriginal clients develop, experience, and maintain successful healing relationships with non-Aboriginal counsellors in mainstream mental health settings, a narrative study Abstract
Howell-Jones, Gail E.
School Psychology, University of British Columbia
The organization of chipped-stone economies at Piedras Negras, Guatemala Abstract
Hruby, Zachary Xavier
Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside
Landscape management at Guijarral, northwestern Belize Abstract
Hughbanks, Paul James
Dept. of Anthropology, Tulane University
The visual discourse of ninth-century stelae at Machaquila and Seibal (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras) Abstract
Just, Bryan R.
School of Liberal Arts, Tulane University
Roads to the center: The design, use, and meaning of the roads of Xunantunich, Belize Abstract
Keller, Angela H.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
'Burn the churches, break up the bells': The archaeology of the Pueblo Revolt revitalization movement in New Mexico, A.D. 1680--1696 Abstract
Liebmann, Matthew J.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Specialized production and social reproduction during the Middle Rincon phase in the Tucson Basin (Arizona) Abstract
Lindeman, Michael W.
School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University
Performing identity in an ancient Maya city: The archaeology of houses, health and social differentiation at the site of Baking Pot, Belize Abstract
Piehl, Jennifer Claire
Dept. of Anthropology, Tulane University
The bioarchaeology of newly discovered burial caves in the Sierra Tarahumara (Mexico) Abstract
Walker, Cameron v
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Oregon
Identity and authenticity: Explorations in Native American and Irish literature and culture Abstract
Wall, Drucilla Mims
Dept. of English, University of Nebraka, Lincoln
Pit cooking and intensification of subsistence in the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest Abstract
Yu, Pei-Lin
Dept. of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University
Reconfiguring identities: Tacana retribalization in Bolivia's Amazonia Abstract
Bathurst, Laura Ann
Dept. of Anthropology, University Of California, Berkeley
Aboriginal education programs in British Columbia's public school system and their relation to Aboriginal student school completion Abstract
Desroches, Julie Luce
Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University
Cut marks as evidence of Precolumbian human sacrifice and postmortem bone modification on the north coast of Peru Abstract
Hamilton, Laurel Anderson
Dept. of Anthropology, Tulane University
Reconciling dispossession? The legal and political accommodation of native title in Canada and Australia Abstract
Lochead, Karen E.
Department of Political Science, Simon Fraser University
Citizen Maya Abstract
Padilla, Guillermo Alberto
Dept of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, University Of California, Berkeley
Beyond inclusion: Transforming the educational governance relationship between First Nations and school districts in British Columbia Abstract
Byron, Robbie
Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University
Life in question: Inuit youth, suicide and the Canadian state (Nunavut) Abstract
Stevenson, Margaret Elizabeth
Dept. of Anthropology, University Of California, Berkeley
Education for 'civilization': Denominational consensus and missionary education on the Rosebud Reservation, 1870--1920 (South Dakota) Abstract
Bennison, Sarah
Dept. of History, New York University
Mirror of the soul: Cultural psychiatry, moral socialization and the development of the self in the Native American Church Abstract
Calabrese, Joseph II D.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Chicago
Between text and image: An analysis of pseudo-glyphs on Late Classic Maya pottery from Guatemala Abstract
Calvin, Inga E.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder
Between text and image: An analysis of pseudo-glyphs on Late Classic Maya pottery from Guatemala Abstract
Calvin, Inga E.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder
Education for self-determination: The worldwide emergence and institutionalization of 'indigenous colleges' Abstract
Cole, Wade M.
Dept. of Sociology, Stanford University
A grammar of River Warihio (Mexico) Abstract
Felix Armendariz, Rolando Gpe.
Linguistics Department, Rice University
In the shadow of the mountain: The Cahuilla, Serrano, and Cupeno people of the Morongo Indian Reservation, 1885-1934 (California) Abstract
Hoffman, Harlan Lanas III
Dept. of History, University of California, Riverside
Critical natural resources in the Mesa Verde region, A.D. 600--1300: Distribution, use, and influence on Puebloan settlement (Colorado) Abstract
Johnson, Charles David
Dept. of Anthropology, Washington State University
Red ink: Native Americans picking up the pen in the colonial period Abstract
Lopenzina, Drew
Dept. of English, University of New Hampshire
Walking two worlds: Integrating Lumbee Indian values and practices in education Abstract
Lucas, Sandy K
College of Education, University of Arizona
Circular reasoning: Drawing on models of ring-shaped village spatial layouts to examine villages in Late Prehistoric Pennsylvania Abstract
Means, Bernard K.
School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University
An Ohio River boundary? The contested Ohio country, 1783--1795 Abstract
Miller, Sarah E.
Dept. of History, University of Toledo
Apostolic field methods of indigenous leadership training and empowerment among the Hopi and Navajo people Abstract
Peiffer, Daniel
School of Divinity, Regent University
Resilience, recovery, and the Red Road: Native American youth refiguring tribal identity Abstract
Ramirez, Rhonda
School of Education, University of San Francisco
Seasonality, optimal foraging, and prehistoric plant food production in the Lower Mississippi in the Tensas Basin, Northeast Louisiana Abstract
Roberts, Katherine McKisson
Dept. of Anthropology, Washington State University in St. Louis
Childhood Indians: Television, film and sustaining the White (sub)conscience Abstract
Chavez, Raul S.
Dept. of History, University of California, Riverside
Romantic and realistic conceptions of the Indian in American literature Abstract
Dabney, Jeanne
Dept. of English, University of Wyoming
The healing constellation: A conceptual framework for treating trauma among Athabaskan women in Alaska Abstract
Arundale, Wendy Hanford
Dept. of Psychology, Union Institute and University
Artists, art historians, and the value of contemporary Inuit art (Nunavut) Abstract
Bagg, Shannon
Dept. of Art, Queen's University
Resource intensification in pre-contact central California: A bioarchaeological perspective on diet and health patterns among hunter-gatherers from the lower Sacramento Valley and San Francisco Bay Abstract
Bartelink, Eric John
Dept. of Anthropology, Texas A&M
United States governmental and native voices in the nineteenth century: Rhetoric in the removal and allotment of American Indians Abstract
Black, Jason Edward
Dept. of Communication, University of Maryland, College Park
Narratives of location: School science identities and scientific discourse among Navajo women at the University of New Mexico Abstract
Brandt, Carol B.
College of Education, University of New Mexico
Mandan and Navajo peoples: Narrative identity in the world of the Indigenous Abstract
Chavez, Emily Helen
School of Education, University of San Francisco
The organization of agricultural production in the emergence of chiefdoms in the Quijos region, eastern Andes of Ecuador Abstract
Cuellar, Andrea Maria
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh
Struggling for voice in a black and white world: Lumbee Indians' segregated educational experience in North Carolina Abstract
Dial, Heather Kimberly
College of Education, North Caroline State University
Donaldson, Lisa Weber
Dept. of Sociology, University of New Mexico
Negotiating a new religious world: English missionaries and American Indians in colonial southeastern Massachusetts Abstract
Eden, Jason Edward
Dept. of History, University of Minnesota
Racial juris-fiction: Federal Indian law from the discovery doctrine to allotment Abstract
Furumoto, Kim Benita
School of Justice Studies, Arizona State University
The politics of commerce: Aztec pottery production and exchange in the Basin of Mexico, A.D. 1200--1650 Abstract
Garraty, Christopher P.
School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University
Conspicuous consumption: An intercultural history of the Kwakwaka'wakw Hamat'sa Abstract
Glass, Aaron
Dept. of Anthropology, New York University
Assessment of Navajo men who have naturally recovered from their drinking problems without treatment Abstract
Jasperse, Marlene Long
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The economic impacts of American Indian casinos Abstract
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Factors of success at two tribal colleges as perceived by tribal college board members and presidents Abstract
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College of Education and Human Development, University of North Dakota
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An investigation of the phenomenon of shortages of Indian teachers as described by tribal college leaders in teacher preparation Abstract
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An examination of communicative dialectical tensions and paradoxes encountered by Native American researchers in the field and in the academy Abstract
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Communication Dept., University of New Mexico
X-communicated subjects in Native American literature Abstract
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From patrilects to performatives: Linguistic exogamy and language shift in the Northwest Amazon Abstract
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Spirit winds: A narrative inquiry into the aboriginal stories of diabetes Abstract
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Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta
St. Michael Indian School: A place where cultures meet and children learn Abstract
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Food, control, and resistance: Rations and indigenous peoples in the American Great Plains and South Australia Abstract
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Landscape patches, macroregional exchanges and pre-Columbian political economy in southwestern Georgia Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Epidemiology of viral respiratory infections and the kinetics of influenza and RSV antibodies among Navajo and White Mountain Apache infants from birth to 6 months Abstract
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School of Public Health, John Hopkins University
Cherokee families: Cultural resilience during the allotment era Abstract
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Dept. of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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College of Education, Florida State University
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Perceived medical discrimination in American Indian women: Effect on health care decisions, cancer screening, diabetes services and diabetes management Abstract
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College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University
Proposed tribal college cataloging systems: From isolation to association Abstract
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College of Education, University of Minnesota
Ruthe Blalock Jones: Native American artist and educator Abstract
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Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana University
The potential impact of the medieval climatic anomaly on human populations in the western Mojave Desert Abstract
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Department of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Education beyond the mesas: Hopi student involvement at Sherman Institute Abstract
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Dept. of History, University of California, Riverside
Rethinking multiculturalist discourse with Indigenous and Continental Abstract
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Dept. of Education, Culture and Society, University of Utah
Agentive and patientive verb bases in North Alaskan Inupiaq Abstract
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Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
"Like a cannibal in Manhattan": Post-relocation urban Indian narratives Abstract
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English Dept., University of Califonia, Santa Barbara
Decolonizing botanical Anishinaabe knowledge: A Biskaabiiyang approach Abstract
Geniusz, Wendy Djinn
Institute of Linguistics, University of Minnesota
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Maya interactions with the natural world: Landscape transformation and ritual plant use at Copan, Honduras Abstract
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On the periphery of the periphery: Household archaeology at Hacienda Tabi, Yucatan, Mexico Abstract
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The Nez Perce Tribe vs. elite-directed development in the lower Snake River basin: The struggle to breach the dams and save the salmon Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, Washington State university
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Supreme Court interpretation and policymaking in American Indian policy Abstract
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Campus racial climate as perceived by undergraduate American Indian students attending the University of North Dakota Abstract
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Dept. of Educational Leadership, University of North Dakota
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Native American Studies, University of California, Davis
"Pushing from their hearts a new song": The (re)construction of the feminine in American Indian women's poetry Abstract
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Literatures, Cultures and Languages, University of Connecticut
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White images in the Indian mind: A study of the American Indian novel Abstract
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The poison grows next to its cure: Life history, substance abuse, ritual, and self-transformation on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation Abstract
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Developing a professional learning community among mathematics teachers on two Montana Indian reservations Abstract
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Getting a life in rural America: Life course models, derailment, and resilience among Cherokee and Anglo emerging adults Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
Honoring stories: Aboriginal media, art, and activism in Vancouver Abstract
Dowell, Kristin L
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This land is your land, this land is mine: The socioeconomic implications of land use among the Jicarilla Apache and Arden communities Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, Washington State University
Mesoamerica and Southwest prehistory, and the entrance of humans into the Americas: Mitochondrial DNA evidence Abstract
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Cultural Studies, The Claremont Graduate University
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The fall and rise of the wetlands of California's Great Central Valley: A historical and ecological study of an endangered resource of the Pacific Flyway Abstract
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The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains: An environmental history, 1700--1900 Abstract
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Trends in diet, physical activity and health in remote Alaska native communities undergoing rapid Westernization Abstract
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Acculturation, locus of control, and glucose levels among American Indians with diabetes Abstract
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Counseling, University of North Dakota
Theories of intelligence, goal orientation, and self-efficacy: Examining vulnerability to depression in Native American children and adolescents Abstract
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Dept. of Psychology, University of Wyoming
Suicidal ideation and related factors in Native American adolescents with and without learning disabilities Abstract
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Native American Studies, Stanford University
Challenging the ideology of representation: Contemporary First Nations art in Canada Abstract
Longman, Mary Aski-piyesiwiskwew
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Victoria
Negotiating cultural identity: Conceptualizing American Indian college student experiences in a communication course Abstract
Burk, Nanci M.
School of Human & Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University
An educational model based upon the "old Lakota ways" (ehanni lakol wicohanki tunkasila kiksuye) and a plan to implement the model Abstract
Red Feather, Sheris R.
School of Educational Leadership & Change, Fielding Graduate University
Unraveling the white man's burden: A critical microhistory of federal Indian education policy implementation at Santa Clara Pueblo, 1902--1907 Abstract
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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Indiana University
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Department of Educational Psychology, University of Oklahoma
"Across every border": Nationalism, cosmopolitanism, tribal sovereignty, and contemporary Native American literature Abstract
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Dept. of English, State University of New York at Stony Brook
"Dance your style!": Towards understanding some of the cultural significances of pow wow references in First Nations' literatures Abstract
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Dept. of English, The University of Saskatchewan
Preclassic excavations at Punta de Chimino, Peten, Guatemala: Investigating social emplacement on an early Maya landscape Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
The warrior in the memoirs and fiction of Native American Vietnam War literature Abstract
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Dept. of English, Lehigh University
An American art: Edward S. Curtis and "The North American Indian", 1907--1930 Abstract
Egan, Shannon
Archaeology, John Hopkinss University
The negotiation of Native American identity: A narrative analysis of the controversy over the storing of nuclear waste on the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation Abstract
Clarke, Tracy Lee
Department of Communication, University of Utah
How can a teacher begin to help her kindergarten students gain "authentic" cultural understandings about Native North Americans through children's literature? Abstract
Pyterek, Margaret McNeil
Reading and Language Doctoral Program, National College of Education
Self-efficacy and resilience among American Indian adults: A study of successful American Indian adult survivors of life stress/trauma Abstract
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School of Education, University of South Dakota
Factors involved in high school completion and non-completion of Native Americans Abstract
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School of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Child Language Program, University of Kansas
On the interpretation of (un)certain indefinites in Inuktitut and related languages Abstract
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Dept. of Linguistics, University of Connecticut
Forms of conquest: Indian conflict and the novel in the Americas Abstract
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Dept. of Comparative Literature, Stanford University
Coyote's Second Cousins Abstract
Singingeagle, V. Blanchard
Dept. of English, Creative Writing Program, University of South Dakota
Communal spaces: Aggregation and integration in the Mogollon region of the United States Southwest Abstract
Nisengard, Jennifer E.
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma
More things of heaven on earth: Reading ancient landscapes of the Americas Abstract
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Anthropology Program, Rutgers
An analysis of potential soil productivity and land use on the Standing Rock Reservation Abstract
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Dept. of Geography, University of Nebraska
Rebels of Laicacota: Spaniards, Indians, and Andean mestizos in southern Peru during the mid-colonial crisis of 1650--1680 Abstract
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Dept. of History, University of Indiana at Urbana-Champain
Where the water ebbs and flows: Place and self among the Rappahannock people, from the emergence of their community to its seclusion in 1706 Abstract
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Dept. of History, Syracuse University
Tribal-municipal cooperation in Oklahoma Abstract
Collard, James C.
Dept. of Political Science, University of Missouri, Saint Louis
Factors contributing to the cessation of solvent use Abstract
Irvine, Kathryn Elizabeth
Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
Living well: Understanding the experience of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in First Nations peoples Abstract
Sanguins, Julianne
Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary
Community development planning with a Native American tribe in a colonized environment: Mashpee Wampanoag, a modern Native American tribe in southern New England seeking to maintain traditional values and cultural integrity Abstract
Peters, Ramona Louise
Dept. of Psychology, Alliant International University, Fresno
Dine binahat'a', Navajo government Abstract
Benally, AnCita
Dept. of History, Arizona State University
Adult learning through storytelling: A study of learning strategies and philosophies of American Indian storytellers Abstract
Green, J. Rachel
College of Education, Oklahoma State University
Qualities of effective Native American bicultural education programs Abstract
Frizzell, Nathan
College of Education and Allied Professions, Western Carolina University
An innovative response to enhance Native American educational success and advancement in higher education Abstract
Montes, Claudine A.
Educational Studies, University of British Columbia
Recovering language, reclaiming voice: Menominee language revitalization Abstract
Lemley, Christine Keller
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Defining the components of academic self-efficacy in Navajo American Indian high school students Abstract
Golightly, Thomas R.
Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education, Brigham Young University
A study of South Carolina teachers' knowledge and application of selected children's literature on American Indian culture Abstract
Becton, Laura Stuart
Dept. of Instruction and Teacher Education, University of South Carolina
Domesticated Chenopodium in North America: Comparing the past and the present Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis
Bone tools and technological choice: Change and stability on the Northern Plains Abstract
Griffitts, Janet Lynn
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Alutiiq engineering: The mechanics and design of skeletal technologies in Alaska's Kodiak archipelago Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Constructing Ava Guarani ethnic identity: The emergence of Indian organization Abstract
Gaska, Henryk
Dept. of Anthropology, Catholic University of America
The role of moral outrage in the Northern Paiute Wars of the mid-19th century Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, University of Oregon
Miami Indian language shift and recovery Abstract
Rinehart, Melissa A.
Dept. of Anthropology, Michigan State University
Daily life and the development of the state in the Moche Valley of north coastal Peru: A bioarchaeological analysis Abstract
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Dept. of Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Paradoxes of power: The Lands for Life public consultations Abstract
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Dept. of Geography, Carleton University
Power lines: Urban space, energy development and the making of the modern Southwest Abstract
Needham, Todd Andrew
Dept. of History, University of Michigan
Kinship, communities, and covenant chains: Mohawks and Palatines in New York and upper Canada, 1712--1830 Abstract
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Dept. of History, Queen's University
Everything you wanted to know about American Indian Studies, but were afraid to ask: Assessing Indian Studies as an academic discipline Abstract
Harrison, Spintz Stiles
American Indian Studies, University of Arizona
Alcohol and illicit drug use problems in American Indian youth: Multiple, interactive and joint determinants, and their implications Abstract
Yu, ManSoo
School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis
Stories about cancer from the Woodland Cree of Northern Saskatchewan Abstract
Roberts, Rose Alene
Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan
The relationship between early literacy assessment and first-grade reading achievement for Native American students Abstract
Coats-Kitsopoulos, Gloria Jean
Educational Administration, University of South Dakota
Cipenuk Red Hope: Weaving Policy Toward Decolonization & Beyond Abstract
Sockbeson, Rebecca Cardinal
Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta (Canada)
American Indian Water Rights in Arizona: From Conflict to Settlement, 1950--2004 Abstract
Killoren, Daniel
History, Arizona State University
Landscapes of School Choice, Past and Present: A Qualitative Study of Navajo Parent School Placement Decisions Abstract
Lansing, Danielle R.
Educational Administration and Supervision, Arizona State University
The lived experiences of participants in the Euchee/Yuchi Language Project: A phenomenological study of language preservation Abstract
Park, Jessica E.
Workforce Development Education, University of Arkansas
Intimate obscurity: American Indian women in Arizona households and histories, 1854--1935 Abstract
Jagodinsky, Katrina
History, University of Arizona
Art Education in American Indian Boarding Schools: Tool of Assimilation, Tool of Resistance Abstract
Lentis, Marinella
American Indian Studies, University of Arizona
Exploring authenticity in American Indian art at the First Americans Festival Abstract
Delgado-Simmons, Rachel
Anthropology, George Mason University
A re-conceptualization of the Fourche Maline culture: The Woodland Period as a transition in eastern Oklahoma Abstract
Leith, Luther J.
Anthropology, University of Oklahoma
Mathematical views within a Lakota community: Towards a mathematics for tribal self-determination Abstract
Sanders, David W.
Education, University of Colorado at Boulder
Vecinos en la Frontera: Interaction, adaptation, and identity at San Miguel del Vado, New Mexico Abstract
Jenks, Kelly Lee
Anthropology, University of Arizona
Caribou Hunting at Ice Patches: Seasonal Mobility and Long-term Land-Use in the Southwest Yukon Abstract
Bowyer, Vandy E.
Anthropology, University of Alberta (Canada)
The Shared Cultural Knowledge and Beliefs about Cancer in the Yavapai-Apache Community Abstract
Claus, Cynthia
Anthropology, Arizona State University
Confronting convention: Discourse and innovation in contemporary Native American women's theatre Abstract
Noell, Tiffany
Theatre, Arizona State University
Continuity and change in the organization of Mandan craft production, 1400-1750 Abstract
Mitchell, Mark David
Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder
The therapeutic use of spirituality and traditional cultural values: Implications for counselors Abstract
Morris, Tanaya Moon
Counselor Education, University of Wyoming
Epiclassic and Early Postclassic Interaction in Central Mexico As Evidenced by Decorated Pottery Abstract
Crider, Destiny Lynn
Anthropology, Arizona State University
Language warriors; Leaders in the Ojibwe language revitalization movement Abstract
Gresczyk, Richard, Sr. A.
Educational Policy and Administration, University of Minnesota
Geronimo Escapes: Envisioning Indianness in Modern America Abstract
Shupe, Kevin D.
History and Art History, George Mason University
Vfvstetv (to serve): An intrinsic analysis of Muscogee playwright Elaine Anderson's playscripts Abstract
Petete, Timothy Aleck
English, University of Oklahoma
A contemporary socio-cultural exploration of health and healing: Perspectives from members of the Oneida Nation of the Thames (Onyota'a:ka) Abstract
Beaudin, Paul G.
Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Transition: The journey from tribal colleges to four-year institutions Abstract
Gravdahl, Jeanette R.
Educational Leadership, University of North Dakota
The Kuh-Ke-Nah broadband governance model: How social enterprise shaped internet services to accommodate indigenous community ownership in Northwestern Ontario, Canada (circa 1997 to 2007) Abstract
Fiser, Adam Paul
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Education for the Seventh Generation: A First Nations School Reform Model Abstract
Montour, Barry M.
Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University
Native American students: Perceptions of lived experiences attending a small predominantly white university in the Upper Midwest Abstract
Simons, Dennis Richard
Teaching and Learning, University of North Dakota
Can the Assembly of First Nations Education Action Plan Succeed? Colonialism's Effect on Traditional Knowledge in Two Communities Abstract
Spence, Martha E.
Theory and Policy Studies, University of Toronto
Living and working in the enchanted lands: American Indian tourism labor, development, and activism, 1900-1970 Abstract
Rohde, Melissa
History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Exploring the impact of ongoing colonial violence on Aboriginal students in the postsecondary classroom Abstract
Cote-Meek, Sheila
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, University of Toronto
Rewriting Marpole: The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia Abstract
Clark, Terence Norman
Anthropology, University of Toronto
Race, Gender and Colonialism: Public Life among the Six Nations of Grand River, 1899--1939 Abstract
Norman, Alison Elizabeth
Theory and Policy Studies, University of Toronto
A Lexical Semantic Study of Dene Suline, an Athabaskan Language Abstract
Holden, Joshua
Linguistique et Traduction, Universite de Montreal
Breast cancer survival in Ontario's First Nations women: Understanding the determinants Abstract
Sheppard, Amanda Joan
School of Public Health, University of Toronto
"Three Hundred Leagues Further Into the Wilderness" Conceptualizations of the Nonhuman during Wendat-French Culture Contact, 1609--49: Implications for Environmental Social Work and Social Justice Abstract
Dylan, Arielle
Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
Camping at the Caribou Crossing: Relating Palaeo-Eskimo Lithic Technological Change and Human Mobility Patterns in Southeastern Victoria Island, Nunavut Abstract
Riddle, Andrew Thomas Ray
Anthropology, University of Toronto
Leadership experiences of an American Indian education leader serving Indian students in an Indian community Abstract
Johnson, Wayne
Educational Leadership, University of Missouri - Columbia
The Indigenous Movement in Ecuador as Decolonial Actor: A Concept-Centered Analysis of its Discourse Abstract
Altmann, Philipp
Institute for Latin American Studies,
Violence in the lower Illinois River Valley (ca AD 700-1250): An examination of injuries at Schild utilizing taphonomy, paleopathology and forensic science Abstract
Spencer, Susan Dale
Anthropology, Indiana University
Policy contestations: Making meaning in Indigenous education in Washington State Abstract
Winstead, Teresa M.
Anthropology, Indiana University
"En todo se hallaron los tlaxcaltecas": The Measure of Conquest in Sixteenth-Century New Spain Abstract
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